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Finisterre – The End

Finisterre – The End

For people who just don’t know when to quit,there is Fisterra,the Camino to Finisterre and the end of the pagan world. This is the most western point on the European Continent,and when you reach this,you must stop walking. Ray and I had a leisurely 10 or 12 km walk to the town of Finisterre this […]

Santiago to Negreira

Back on the Camino again! Ray and I are now on the ancient trail to Finisterre,the end of the Pagan World and the most westerly point in Europe. It’s Easter weekend,of course,so we have some company. The prices have changed just a tad around here as well,as a private alburgue we checked out wanted 17 […]


I have spent the past 24 hours in the beautiful city of Madrid. I arrived yesterday around 2:15 and caught the city centre bus from the airport –so far so good. I had google directions to the casa de la plaza hostel from the city centre stop so it should have been a piece of […]

Off on my Camino – Finally!

The day has finally arrived. I am off on my pilgrimage tomorrow morning. After all the planning,and booking and training –most of that shared here on my blog –it’s hard to believe that the time has finally arrived. I am as ready as I’ll ever be! My emotions this past week have been on high […]

Preparations for Spain – the Spiritual Side

I am sure my pilgrimage in Spain will be a fantastic adventure and my biggest physical challenge yet,but a large part of the walk is for the spirit rather than the body or the mind. If there is one area in my life that has received no attention at all,this is it. For most of […]

A Secret Discovered – Pinawa!

Disclaimer: this blog entry represents my own personal opinion, and does not represent any particular organization I may belong to or even be President of. I’ve lived in Pinawa for a quarter century now, twenty-five years of listening to, and sometimes being personally involved in marketing Pinawa as a tourism destination. Relatively suddenly, we are […]