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I’m Back…

I’m Back…

Just about one month ago, very early in the morning before my eyes were completely open, I managed to destroy ALL OF THE CONTENT of the Trail lady blog. Almost 10 years of writing was destroyed. I know, I couldn’t believe it either so I spent more than a week trying to recover it before […]

Lost! I Love my Town (Pinawa)

I thought I was done with teenagers, but then Pete brought his beautiful yellow lab Marshmallow home for Christmas. Turns out Marshmallow, at 6 months old, is just entering those teen years in doggy terms.  Pete had pretty good control of him before he got here, but I guess we’ve been a little too lax […]

Peaceful Christmas

Christmas is always wonderful in the Warenko home,but this year just feels extra peaceful. Both boys are home for the week and I am totally enjoying their visit in spite (or because) of all the friends that come with them. This is the first time in 15 years that I am not worrying about a […]

Winnipeg Folk Festival Revisited

I just came back from 5 glorious days at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Its been about 21 years since I last attended. I’m not a folk music fan by any stretch of the imagination. I own not a single folk music CD and the only music that could be mistaken for folk on my ipod […]

Congratulations to the Class of 2011

I recently attended my high school reunion – 34 years since the Class of 1977 last partied together. I’m not sure how many REC grads there were that year – but well over 100. At the reunion, our 50+ year old eyes strained to read name tags, looking for the Class of ’77 (it was […]

Who Pays for the Internet?

I just had to weigh in on this subject! 358,000 Internet users have signed a petition against the CRTC decision to allow Internet Providers to charge for the use of their service. No doubt consumers don’t want to pay more for anything BUT, who should? I do consider myself somewhat of an expert in this […]


If you work for a company for 35 years and retire they have a dinner for you and buy you a gold watch, or a fishing rod – depending on how important you were. If you own a business you spend months, or maybe years, negotiating a sale and negotiating details.  You are done running […]

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The Boy in the Park

It was my first rainy Tucker walk this morning, rainy enough for me to force the dog into his hated rain jacket. Victoria is a privileged society and we don’t let our dogs get wet. I had to drag him to Saxe Point, he hates the rain. As we walked through the trails in the […]