Pacific Coast Highway – Port Angelese

Port Angelese Washington, the end of the Pacific Coast Highway for us. The final drive through Washington was pleasantly anti-climactic. There are two highway 101’s, one that hugs the ocean and the other that skirts Olympic State Park with views of Puget Sound. We took the latter, because google said it’s an hour and a half quicker and we are so tired.

Our last day on the road was a good one for heated seats and a straighter roadway. It rained all morning until once it turned into snow. We must be close to Canada. Without the nausea, Tucker put his head on his paws and snoozed the whole way. No one was getting out into that weather for anything.

Just before reaching Port Angeles we stopped on a native reserve, along with everyone else to fill up with fuel and spend the last of our American dollars. I was successful to the penny and came out with a couple of nice west coast souvenir mugs for the condo. There is no liquor to be bought, in fact we must drink to excess tonight as we have too much to bring into Canada tomorrow. Dinner is the best seafood we’ve had so far, and the cheapest. We brought it home so we could share with Tucker.

1500 miles or 2300 kilometres, it took us a week to drive the Pacific Coast Highway. What a shame that was. Double that time at least to properly enjoy this drive. We are here in late November and it was quite cool, too cool for camping. I can’t really say if that’s normal though because there are these weird weather bomb events happening all over the country. I’d say October might be better. You can see how busy this highway will be in the summer months. While the truck is so comfortable and reliable, this road is crying out for our Westie.

The entire commute to Victoria via the southern US was a 7,500 km marathon drive. We are tired. Time to catch a ferry and go home tomorrow. Alarm is set for 5:30 am.


Pacific Coast Highway - Oregon
The Boy in the Park

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  1. Well, Donna and Ray welcome home to good ‘ol Canada Your pictures, your adventures, Tucker’s patience and quiet guard ……….. a wonderful wonderful extension of summer and fall. Now you can get ready for Christmas, snow, skiing and family time. ❤️❤️❤️

    Jenny December 4, 2019 at 10:32 am Reply

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