Finally… on route to Vancouver Island

Tucker chilling on the road trip

Since 1977 I’ve planned this move to Vancouver Island.  Back then I had this bad-ass boyfriend that I was getting all too serious about. I decided it was time to pack a backpack and hitchhike west.  I was 17. My Mother bought me a 4 month rail pass at the last-minute. I hopped on the train in Winnipeg.

My trip didn’t last long. I came home to the boyfriend in two weeks, but I’d made it as far as Victoria. At that time there were drugs being shot up openly in the hostel so I found a sweet little room for $5 a night at the YWCA. I fell in love with Vancouver Island and started planning my move.

I’ve been to the island many times since. I’ve ridden a motorcycle twice. The Westie has struggled over the Rocky Mountains more times than I can count. I’ve taken the train 3 times, once in luxury.  The only way I’ve never traveled to the coast is in a reliable automobile, until now. It may have taken me 40 years, but we’ve finally packed up some of our things and are moving to the Island. We’ll be back for the summer, but we’re moving in and setting up a home in Victoria too. That’s why we’ve brought our reliable automobile.

Our reliable automobile, in Fernie, BC

This morning I’m blogging from the lounge of The Downtowner, a little gem of a motel in Creston, BC.  Our little motel left a shabby first impression, like its seen better days. It didn’t matter, it’s a room for the night is all. I found a room with a little whirlpool and sauna – both impeccably clean and hot. There’s a little library, surprisingly well stocked. We are, as the name implies, in the center of the town. What had a great night here. We toured the town with Tucker, I can certainly see the allure. Charming is a cliché that fits Creston perfectly. We found a great little bar crammed with people for dinner. I retired to the hot tub and then sauna with a detective novel. The lounge has great rock music quietly piped in 24 hours a day and there’s a pot of coffee that’s perpetually full.

This morning Tucker and I saw Creston wake up. One of the beauties of traveling with a dog is the necessity for long walks. Every morning I get up at 6 and let my driver sleep in. Tucker and I walk until the sun comes up. In Creston, everyone we met said “good morning.”

Tonight we will have an early Christmas dinner with Pete and Chantel in Osoyoos, and by Sunday we’ll be home. 40 years in the planning.


The Pink Dolphin
Christmas in Victoria

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