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Loreto, Baja California

Loreto is a great example of how one finds places that need to be visited.

I’d never heard of the place. We passed through without a glance on our way south. But people we met along the way were completely charmed by this little Mexican town.

Although there are several campgrounds in town, the only place to stay apparently was the tiny little RV lot in the middle of the tourist district call Romantica. That made the place almost impossible to get into. Word of mouth is a powerful advert.

That’s how we find ourselves this evening, wedged in among the big rigs and the westies in the heart of one of Baja’s most beautiful little cities.

Romantica RV Park

With nothing but a few first hand recommendations, I somewhat successfully navigated Ray through old town, onto a pedestrian only “road” and through the narrow gates of Romantica RV park.

It’s one block from the Malacon in one direction, and one block from the Mission of Our Lady of Loreto’s church that anchors the main plaza in the other. It’s a brilliant, but difficult location.

I was able to negotiate for a spot with the owner, but we had to leave to get supplies and find a dump station. By the time we returned our spot had changed, but at least we still had one.

Exploring Loreto

Loreto’s main plaza, and surrounding district is packed full of bars, restaurants and shops. It’s wonderfully lively. Music from the bars wafted through the RV park long into the evening.

We threw out the cooking at home rule and had a couple of fab burgers in a restaurant. The Malacon is a great stroll BUT at the end of the Malacon is a gorgeous sandy beach that stretches endlessly. Tucker and I had a beautiful morning walk on that beach.

We loitered here for a while. I left Ray and Tucker behind in the morning and spent hours browsing every little nook and cranny, gloriously alone.

When I posted pictures of Loreto on Instagram, so many of my friends came out of the woodwork with stories of their shenanigans here. Clearly this is one of the Baja’s best kept secrets.

Maybe don’t tell anyone else, especially about that RV park.



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