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FromThe Trail Lady

Travel - it opens the mind and gives us a new perspective in life. Leave your comfort zone at home. Ride a chicken bus, a local train or just plain walk. Meet new people, explore new cultures and learn about different religions. You will come home refreshed, fearless and optimistic. The world is a beautiful place, worth exploring, worth protecting and worth loving.

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No matter where I go, I always find a trail and if I'm lucky it's well off the beaten track.


My feet get itchy when they've been planted too long. I'll share my travel stories.

The Blog

The stuff I see and do while I'm traveling, hiking, enjoying and occasionally even suffering along the way.

Travel Tips

I've learned some Do's and some Don't Do's along the way.

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The three jewels of Tao:

“compassion, moderation, and humility. Balthasar said compassion leads to courage, moderation leads to generosity, and humility leads to leadership.”

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The Blog

Read and follow my blog. Expect articles from the field while traveling, various trail experiences and conditions as well as the occasional opinion piece.

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Feb 14

Winter Hike Pinawa to Seven Sisters

Posted by Donna Warenko

Take your honey to lunch this Valentine's Day - or any day, and…

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Feb 11

Preparing for Africa

Posted by Donna Warenko

Africa is calling. Almost a year in the planning, we leave finally in just two weeks. I think we're ready! [caption id="attachment_1180" align="alignright"…

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Feb 9

I’m Back…

Posted by Donna Warenko

Just about one month ago, very early in the morning before my eyes were completely open, I managed to destroy ALL OF THE…

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