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FromThe Trail Lady

Travel - it opens the mind and gives us a new perspective in life. Leave your comfort zone at home. Ride a chicken bus, a local train or just plain walk. Meet new people, explore new cultures and learn about different religions. You will come home refreshed, fearless and optimistic. The world is a beautiful place, worth exploring, worth protecting and worth loving.

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No matter where I go, I always find a trail and if I'm lucky it's well off the beaten track.


My feet get itchy when they've been planted too long. I'll share my travel stories.

The Blog

The stuff I see and do while I'm traveling, hiking, enjoying and occasionally even suffering along the way.

Travel Tips

I've learned some Do's and some Don't Do's along the way.

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The three jewels of Tao:

“compassion, moderation, and humility. Balthasar said compassion leads to courage, moderation leads to generosity, and humility leads to leadership.”

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The Blog

Read and follow my blog. Expect articles from the field while traveling, various trail experiences and conditions as well as the occasional opinion piece.

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Apr 21

The Drakensberg Mountains

Posted by Donna Warenko

All those places that were just names on the map are coming alive to me. Since we're in the neighbourhood, we decided to…

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Apr 20

Splashy Fen

Posted by Donna Warenko

Want to know how South Africans celebrate the Easter holiday? Well, at least about 5000 of them go to Splashy Fen, a music…

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Apr 19


Posted by Donna Warenko

With relief we crossed the border from Mozambique into the Kingdom of Swaziland, with a friendly border guard and a 50 Rand ($5…

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