Our Victoria Condo

The woman walking across the street at 7 AM this Sunday morning leaves the sidewalk and walks on the road. I wonder why? I stand up for a closer look. There is a man sitting in front of Ming’s Variety Store, brown paper bag in hand, enjoying a smoke. Somehow this man has found himself in an “up and coming” neighbourhood. He used to live sandwiched between the Songhees Reserve and a naval base, close enough to Victoria but still affordable. Now he finds himself between The Red Barn (a new-age grocery store ) and an art-deco wine merchant. The Songhee name is now more famous for a beautiful walkway along the ocean into downtown Victoria. The property he’s living in is suddenly worth millions. His time here is short.

Perched atop of our new condo in Esquimalt I am enjoying watching the world go by. We’ve bought a new condo in this up and coming neighbourhood, an investment, a winter home and maybe even a permanent residence some day. We bought it sight unseen and Friday was my first viewing.  There’s a story behind this unit, as there always seems when we buy property. We follow misfortune like crows along the highway. The owner died, and he was an African Muslim business man who owned many things besides this condo. His children were about to inherit millions of dollars. But they started fighting. The owner died four years ago, and by the time we bought, the millions were gone and this unit was in foreclosure for taxes and strata fees. The children all still live in Africa, but that didn’t stop them from causing all sorts of grief to this strata in Canada, death threats even. By the time we bought, they were just desperate for cash.  I found the man’s last will and testament in a drawer in the kitchen.

I’ve come alone for the first viewing. Ray and I will drive back here next month together. I walked into a mess on Friday, no power, garbage, fridge (OMG), stove (OMG but at least not smelly), bathroom (let’s just not go there). The realtor could only find one key and no key for all the amenities this building advertises. He threw me a bottle of wine and a $100 Home Depot gift card and left as quickly as possible. He did mention something about how I’ll likely need the wine. When I took the stairs to our roof top patio and looked around, the smile was hard to resist. Ocean there, ocean here, city there, mountains over here, sea air, sea gulls and room for some serious container gardening. Just as I suspected, we’ve bought another diamond in the rough.

It’s Sunday morning now. I have to fly home at ridiculous o’clock tomorrow morning. The fridge is sparkling and the stove scraped clean. The stainless steel and granite look great polished. A little product on the wood floors has done wonders. I enjoyed a bubble bath in the nice clean bathroom, easing my body sore from a day of scrubbing. I have a full complement of keys, to everything and a spare. I even have a table, solid Quebec Maple bought from Used Victoria and carried up by son #1 last night.

Did I mention son #1 lives 2 blocks away? I need to find a pot and 2 forks somewhere today and cook him dinner.  You can find anything you need on Used Victoria.



My Tenacious Christmas Tree

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  1. Certainly a new adventure Donna. At least being where you are is closer to the escape route out to the west coast and more parks! Great story by the way and how old is your condo?

    Nancy November 20, 2017 at 11:07 am Reply
  2. Great story Donna – real life is as good as fiction. Enjoy your new, now shiny,condo.
    Cheers, Helen T.

    Helen Tomlinson November 20, 2017 at 4:55 pm Reply

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