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Nothing like a little Adrenalin to keep you awake on a long road trip. We’re two days into our USA road trip, safely holed up in a Travelodge in Ogallala, Nebraska but it’s been fun getting here.

Our biggest worry was the border. We’ve not seen this country in a long time, and we’ve heard stories. We have a dog that’s crossing a border for the first time, as far as we know. We’re packed up with 6 months worth of gear, with no intention to mention all of our travel plans. It’ll be hard to explain the paddle boards for our Arizona vacation. I’ve unsuccessfully been trying to train Ray to be serious, and less verbose than usual.

After an hour and a half wait, and watching our guy pull over a lot of people, he waved us through with a “have a good trip.”

Fargo is our first stop, and no offence to those that do it but I’ll never understand the cross-border shoppers. Fargo was an ugly town tonight, cold, slippery roads and a wholly unhelpful Walmart. All I wanted was a SIM card, but the electronics department was a gong show. Checked out the prices of things and still don’t understand the cross border shoppers.

Day 2 was a mess. We slid out of Fargo on glare ice, but at least early – 7 am is almost a record for us. 10 hour day – over 1000 kms is the plan. I-29 conditions were great and we were making excellent time, but in our infinite wisdom, and with help from google maps, we elected to take the scenic route, and carve a half hour off our time. We left the interstate for some adventure!

Trucking along highway 49 at 115, happy as clams we lost traction. We swerved right, then left, then right – well you get the idea, With every swerve we just missed something, a pole, a sign. Tucker was sitting on the console between us. He fell on Ray’s shoulder, then my shoulder then back again. Close call. The next 8 hours we crawled along, dodging trucks and cars in the ditch, ambulances and tow trucks and for some reason kept the radio tuned to CBC radio all day. Our 10 hour drive took 13 hours, but we pulled into a wonderfully welcoming Travellodge in Ogallala, Nebraska at 9 PM, and found out it was only 8. The evening was topped off by a couple of appies and a glass of Malbec at the great little bar on site at the motel.

We have a break planned tomorrow in Moab, Utah – 2 nights at the Expedition Lodge and a day hiking Arches National Park. Today we’ll see Colorado and Utah, if we still have any luck left.

Hiking Moab, Utah

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  1. OMG, what a horrible experience! You will LOVE MOAB, great place for all types of outdoor adventurers. From hikers to off-road vehicles they host it all. A bit disconcerting to see daylight under a door and around the frame especially when it gets very chilly at night.

    Nancy November 11, 2019 at 6:48 pm Reply

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