Time to come home

We’ve waited as long as we can. My neighbours have sent photos of my Pinawa yard, green grass finally growing and needing a trim, a few flowers peaking out through the Manitoba gumbo. This is the first time since we started wintering in Victoria I am not looking forward to the return to Manitoba.

It was shocking back on March 17 when BC  declared a state of emergency over the Covid-19 pandemic. The rest of the country quickly followed suit. At the time it was commonly thought we’d stay home for 14 days, maybe 28 – a couple of virus incubation cycles – until we flattened the curve. Remember ridiculing, and then later vilifying people who bought toilet paper? But that’s not how it’s turned out. Two months have passed and curves have generally flattened, but global anxiety has grown exponentially.

It is through this climate we must make the long trek across the country. We will have to justify our trip to the ferryman to get off the island. We will be unwelcome in every community we pass.

The rules are changing daily, and our plans with them. There are hotels open along the way, but not many. Any amenities they may have offered are gone. Originally we thought we’d would camp remotely, stay away from everyone and everything but that’s not a popular choice.  I haven’t rationalized why yet. There will be no restaurant stops and bathroom breaks will be outdoors I presume. We are bringing cooking supplies, food and toilet paper (the last of ours since we didn’t hoard). When we finally arrive it will be into 14 days of isolation.

We are living through history, and I’ve lived through a little too much of this one. This was an interesting year to spend Chinese New Years in Bangkok. Traveling through Vietnam as the country slowly shut down was surreal. Flying home on empty airplanes, until the last escape that was packed was a little frightening. I never thought we’d still be traveling through a pandemic to get home, but here we are.  Wish us luck.




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