Tiny Space Artist

I’m a tiny space artist.  A little room at the top of the stairs, meant as a landing for the rooftop patio, is now an office, a guest room and a yoga studio. And it’s my little haven.

Almost exactly a month ago I had my last writing class and handed in my portfolio. I left so fired up. I packed a box with all of my research material, my class notes and my journals. I had the first chapter of my novel written in my head. Then we embarked on this new adventure – moving to Victoria.

What a weird experience this has been. Arriving here with nothing,  just 10 days before Christmas was kind of depressing but exhilarating at the same time. The picture in my head, of us shopping Used Victoria and Thrift stores all winter for furniture was pretty accurate, about as much fun as I thought but accelerated by the lack of basic needs, like a bed for instance. We made a few missteps. A sister visit prompted the need for a futon, so we bought one her back may never recover from. We’ve since upgraded to one we hope our guests can survive. We measured the couch we found carefully and decided it was too big, and then bought it anyway. It was too big. We made $100 on that transaction, putting it right back up on Used Victoria. Our way of meeting new people?

A desk for me took a back seat. My books stayed in their box. My creativity stagnated for a month. I saw this little Ikea desk on Used Victoria a week ago. The measurements were perfect. City life is different, the guy lived all the way up by Elk Lake – 20 kilometres almost! When we finally went to see it I could see it was perfect. Now my box is unpacked. I have my own little space at the top of the stairs. Tucker woke up and couldn’t find me. He was so happy when he finally did, and there’s even a couch for him. My life is complete.

Today on my morning Tucker walk I will write the opening lines to that novel, maybe – that stuff can’t be forced.

The Mayor of Esquimalt is visiting today. Apparently she personally welcomes all newcomers. Nice, odd but nice. Kind of like this whole move.

Christmas in Victoria
Victoria Condo for Rent

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