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Destination Mexico

road trip to the Baja

All things considered it’s been a pretty wonderful winter so far here on Vancouver Island. Warm weather and the grandson make it hard to leave. Unfortunately for Ray, the Trail Lady’s feet have started to get itchy so it’s time for a little adventure.

Destination Mexico

The Ritz has been hauled out of storage, and the grime of our sandy trek across the prairies scrubbed away. Ray has changed the clogged fuel filter in the truck. We are preparing for a road trip to the southern tip of Baja California, an almost 4,000 kilometre journey – and that’s only one-way. The devil is always in the details.

Mexican Auto Insurance

Did you know our Canadian auto insurance does not cover us when we travel into Mexico? That was a surprise expense I just found out about last week. In our case we need to insure not just our vehicle but also the Ritz. Since we’re traveling without a real plan we have elected to purchase just two weeks insurance. We used an on-line insurance company that has been recommended by friends. They actually answer their telephone if you call with questions, how refreshing. Now that I’ve got an account I will be able to extend my insurance should we settle in down there for longer than expected.

We used Insurance is based on value. It’s important to note that the valuations listed on this web site are in US dollars. We have elected to go with full replacement cost. Two weeks of insurance for truck and trailer cost over $500.00 CDN. Ouch.


We’d be on the road by now if it weren’t for Tucker. Trying to get him into a vet for his health certificate and a groomer for his Mexican haircut has been difficult. There are still staffing shortages in almost every industry here in Victoria, and pet care is not immune. His health certificate has now been updated and, failing a catastrophic cancellation, our shaggy hippy dog will finally get groomed on Monday. We leave first thing Tuesday morning.

Tucker will be crossing two borders twice so we’ve made sure he’s got everything. Just like last year, Ray and I need nothing.

This is one of those trips that epitomize the sentiment of having no idea what to expect. There are floods and snow storms in the news in California. Cartels are misbehaving in some parts of Mexico, hopefully nothing spills over to the peninsula. If anyone reading this has experience driving and camping in the Baja I would really love to hear from you.

  1. Dave Ross says

    Pretty exciting Id say.
    Driving into Mexico with a trailer and down to the BAJA …I wonder if Ray is as nervous as the South African trip.

    We have neighbors who winter in CABO…they say its heaven. I’ve often thought of that as a good alternative to busy Florida.
    Happy trails!

    1. Donna Warenko says

      He is not. Experience is everything. Africa was abject fear for him. We are being cautious and following people’s advice for this one.

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