Larry’s Arch – The Keen’s Grant

Hikers enjoying Larry's Arch

Hikers enjoying Larry’s Arch

Larry’s Arch is a picturesque 200-metre path along the Pinawa Channel on Pinawa’s part of The Great Trail (Trans Canada Trail). It’s been named after Pinawa’s first trail builder, Larry Gauthier (now retired). Twenty years ago Larry found this pretty spot and thought it would make a nice walk. This blast-rock part of trail showcases the work of the early engineers who built a wall of granite as they blasted a channel to power the dam that sent energy to the first electric streetcars in Winnipeg in 1905.

From the Diversion Dam on the Winnipeg River, this section of The Great Trail leads walkers through the best and most diverse section of The Great Trail in Eastern Manitoba. This section of trail leads one over granite outcrops and down into peaty areas where there is an abundance of wildlife – deer, bear, waterfowl, and even good viewing of ospreys and eagles.

Years of use have caused erosion on the trail bed, exposing the roots of the surrounding trees that make this path an arch, and threatening its special ambience.

Current State of the Trail Bed on Larry’s Arch



The Keen Grant

Thanks once again to the efforts of Marsha Sheppard, the Pinawa Friends of the Ironwood Trail (FIT) and the Pinawa Friends of the Trans Canada Trail (PFTCT) will be receiving a significant financial contribution from the great people at Keens Footwear. When Marsha received the notice that Keen’s had a grant available, she did what she always does. She sat down and filled in the mountain of paperwork that’s always required.

Keens are the official footwear partner of The Great Trail. Keen’s global program promoting outdoor participation will this year be focusing on The Great Trail, and specifically on youth in the outdoors in 2018.

Pinawa has been successful in winning one of only five grants awarded in Canada.  Only $25,000 was available, and Pinawa is receiving $5000.00. We are the sole winner in Manitoba. This $5000.00 grant will leverage further funding of $300.00 from the Friends of the Ironwood and $300.00 from the Pinawa Foundation for a total project cost of $5,600.00.

The project will save the mature trees along Larry’s Arch. The plan is to cover the exposed tree roots by upgrading the base of the trail with crushed Granite, as well as improve the safety on the granite rock that climbs out of this trail. Work will begin in the spring of 2018. The Pinawa Friends of the Trans Canada Trail will be relocating their Eco-counter, or installing a new one to monitor the use of this trail section before, during and after improvements.




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