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Dana Where Are You?

Today the Traillady and the Great Hiker were supposed to get together for a meal and a walk on the Pinawa portion of the Trans Canada Trail. Sadly,we missed each other.

Here in Pinawa I am somewhat known as a walker. I’m not really sure but it’s possible that people call me the crazy hiker behind my back,but this is a small town so they’re all nice to my face. I’m also not the craziest walker (Stan).

A couple of days ago an email crossed by Inbox that Dana Meise was going to be in Pinawa this week,and would I mind taking him out for breakfast and hiking the Pinawa portion of the Trans Canada Trail with him. Since I hike the Trans Canada Trail almost every day,and eat breakfast once in a  while,I said sure,even though I knew nothing of the guy.

Now Dana is one seriously crazy hiker. My details are a little sketchy because,as the title of this blog suggests,I never did find him. What I do know from his blog is that he started hiking the Trans Canada Trail in May of 2008 in Prince Edward Island. His home is Prince George,BC so I am taking a wild guess to say that he’s walking the whole damn trail. He walked into Pinawa,from Otter Falls,around 8 PM last night. His Facebook Group The Great Hike indicates ‎”52 km…13hr/35min on the Trans Canada Trail…in Pinawa Manitoba…tucker’d right the F@#$ out…good night!”

He is collecting money for charity on his website,but I get the impression that’s not his primary reason for the walk. I was really looking forward to finding out what it is,although since I share the dream I could really just imagine. From the moment I heard of this great Trans Canada Trail I have thought of walking it –all of it –or maybe cycling it –but probably walking. That I live right on it is fantastic –when I can’t hike it I can ski it. I really wanted to show off our portion to him and listen stories of his adventures.

Dana’s website has a Spot map. Spot is a satellite GPS unit that can map where you are at any given moment as well as provide emergency service to you from anywhere should you need it. I could tell that Dana had arrived in Pinawa because his map showed him here. We only have one hotel but it’s a weird one and there’s no staff and no way to really contact someone who is staying there. I had the Trails committee helping me connect and around 10:30 this morning they finally found him. I was already out hiking,but they called my cell and I u-turned and headed off for the hotel. Dana was given directions to meet me on the trail. I was the only other person on that trail.

I have no idea how we missed each other but we did,despite my having automobile and cell phone support from the Trails Committee members. Finally we gave up and I headed out to the trail alone. A few kilometres out and my cell phone rang. Dana had been found,wandering into the Pinawa Community Development office. Another Trails committee member was located to take him for lunch and I missed out on a great opportunity.

Please visit Dana’s website and follow along on his GREAT CANADIAN ADVENTURE,that I was almost a part of.

For more information about the Trans Canada Trail visit

And Dana –I too swear my my Keens.

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