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To Go or Not To Go

difficult decisions need to be made

We have a flight to Mexico scheduled for January  7, 2022. Booked over a year ago, who could have predicted we’d STILL be facing a travel advisory. There are dental appointments, vet appointments, friends that are already there and a fully paid condo whose refund-ability at this point is questionable.

Personal Safety

There’s not a whiff of evidence that my own personal safety is at any more or less risk during international travel. Covid-19 is everywhere and it matters not to me where I get it, if I’m going to get it. I’m vaccinated and healthy so unlikely to get very sick. If I need to isolate, my condo in Mexico has a balcony with a view of the beach and I can pay a local to walk Tucker. Personal safety isn’t factoring into my decision.

Public Health

Does travel put public health at risk? I think irresponsible people put the public health system at risk, but they are not restricted to travelers. There are vaccines and tests and self isolation plans that make travelers the safest people you’ll meet. Here in BC we are continually told that family gatherings and house parties put the public health system at its highest risk.

This is what WestJet has to say on the subject.

Vaccines and Boosters

Less than 10% of Africans are vaccinated, and that’s where it seems the dreaded Omicron mutated.  It was completely predictable, this is a global pandemic that doesn’t end until it ends everywhere.

In BC we don’t qualify for the booster shot yet. There are rumours we might need this to return back to Canada. I will reluctantly attempt to get it before we go. If I could I’d take my vial of mRNA to Mexico with me and give it someone who needs it more than I do.

Expect the Unexpected

If our flight actually leaves Canada, we’ll be on it. If it leaves from a different place or on a different day, we’ll be on it.

There’s no way of knowing what kind of restrictions our government could impose here.  A positive test result could really complicate a return home.  I can be flexible, I can adapt to whatever happens. We have a place to ride out the entire winter in Mexico should we have to.

But that’s me. If I were going for a week or two, had a job or some other responsibilities in Canada I hate to say it but I’d just have to cancel, and that’s really a shame. I sincerely hope the travel industry survives this pandemic.



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    […] This trip was booked over a year ago, when only the most pessimistic among us could not have predicted what is going on today. When the Canadian Government declared a travel advisory on all international travel last month it was depressing to say the least. The decision to continue with the trip was not made lightly. […]

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