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Tucker’s Mexican Vet Visit

a dental holiday for all of us

Tucker’s first vet visit after adoption over four years ago came with an unwelcoming diagnosis. He’s going to need dental work some day, and it won’t be cheap. “Up to $2000,” said the Beausejour Vet Hospital. He wasn’t in dire need yet, but two other vets have given me the same diagnosis, the last one telling me it was time. His bad breath and paw chewing is likely being caused by a rotting tooth. “Have you ever heard of anyone getting this done in Mexico?” I asked the vet. “I have, and I think it was okay.”  Tucker is going on a dental holiday!

First Hand Referrals

I’m not going to take my baby just anywhere.  What makes this even possible is that I have friends here with dogs who can steer me to a vet they recommend. Everyone pointed me to the same place, Wolf’s Veterinary Clinic. I tried to make an appointment with them, but they just said “come in any time.” Google maps tells me it’s a 4.8 km walk so off we go.

Wolf’s Vet Clinic or Veterinarian Clinic or

The Vet Clinic

Wolf's Veternarian Clinic in Puerto VallartaI wondered how the clinic was going to work without accepting appointments. How Mexican of them. It was a busy place when I arrived but I didn’t need to wait very long. The reception person spoke perfect English and the vet spoke very good English, enough to have no misunderstandings.

They were incredibly thorough and professional. Dental cleaning includes a general anesthetic so they wouldn’t accept him without a full health check up that included blood tests.  I thought “okay, now we’ll be making an appointment”  but no, not yet. “We can do that right now. The results will be ready in half an hour.”  That was impressive. They have a lab on sight I presume.  After drawing his blood we went next door to Noah’s Cafe for breakfast and to wait for his results.

45 minutes later Tucker was issued a full bill of health, 4 antibiotic pills and finally an appointment, Friday at 9 AM.

The Dental Procedure

Tucker's first tooth extractionThe procedure itself did not merit the worry I gave it. I dropped Tucker off by Uber at 9 AM. He had his food and water removed the night before so I didn’t want to make him walk, but I walked home. He would be ready by 1 or 2 PM. They would call me.

When I arrived at 1 he was finished but still groggy. They had extracted 1 tooth, and saved it for me as if this were my baby (he is). He was still groggy, they said “come back in half an hour.” When I did he came trotting out as if nothing had happened. Amazing.

Tucker’s Million Dollar Smile

Tucker after his dental work Tucker’s breath is sweet and his teeth a brilliant white now. I’m only sorry we waited this long.

I know what you’re thinking, and the cost? All in with the preliminary tests, medication, blood work, anesthesia, extraction and cleaning the bill came to a whopping $213.00 CDN.

Tucker has a Mexican million peso smile now. 🙂

  1. May Simpson says

    Hi Donna,

    A very good read, enjoyed it very much.

  2. […] They took excellent care of Tucker. He had an exam, four days of antibiotics, full anesthesia for the procedure, a great cleaning, one extraction and the tooth presented to me as a memento. Now he has the brightest, whitest smile and the freshest breath ever. You can read more about Tucker’s experience here. […]

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