Beautiful Bellas

Caio Bellas, the email began. I’ve been invited to a gathering of fine friends and food here in Victoria.

I met Sheena on the street, our little dogs stopped to sniff each other. The connection around the table of beautiful bellas rings familiar with my own, chance meetings in the park, a bed and breakfast or rental business in common – it seems an easy group to infiltrate.

I arrived at lunch with no expectations, but the welcome was so warm. “Donna’s here” someone called, as if I’ve always been one of them. First names only, no other introduction – just take a seat at the table and dig into a bowl of chili and the lively conversation. The two-hour lunch passed much too quickly, and ended unexpectedly, when one of the women strapped on a harp and entertained us with a few Celtic tunes. We all tried to sing along with the refrains, knowing the words was not a prerequisite.

I feel like a crack in the fabric of Vancouver Island has opened, a fissure through which my social life here can begin. It takes a long time to grow old friends, and that’s what’s missing here. I left with some emails exchanged and an event to attend next week.  I look forward eagerly to the next meeting of these beautiful bellas.

I can’t help but draw a parallel to a welcome I received when I first moved to Pinawa so many years ago. Pat Ramsay hosted a tea in my honour, welcoming me to town. I was younger, and less comfortable meeting new people but I remember coming home from that afternoon for a good cry, tears of relief that this move to Pinawa was going to be OK.  I feel a little bit like that now.

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  1. …it’s so lovely to make new friends !

    Barb Zerbin March 14, 2019 at 11:59 am Reply

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