My Tenacious Christmas Tree

I have a small hidden pond in my backyard that attracts all sorts of wonderful things; birds, frogs, snakes, dragonflies… but for the past couple of years it was attracting a gnarly little pine tree (or spruce or fir I’ve been told). Two springs in a  row I took the pruning shears to it, nipping it off at the base but the roots proved too stubborn to pull out. Each summer, this enduring tree would grow back.

I admired the trees tenacity so much that this spring I decided to “save it”. I dug deep into its roots, savagely yanked it from the ground and planted it in a pot. A tree that was once strong and proud and free now relies on me for everything it needs. I water it and feed it and this fall I lugged it into my kitchen. My goal is to nurture it into a glorious 2-metre Christmas wonder. Can you picture it? I can.

This is its first Christmas in captivity. I had to hunt, but I found size-appropriate decorations for it.

Merry Christmas little one.



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  1. Hate to say it Donna but that isn’t a “pine” tree. without viewing the needles closely I would think it was a little spruce or balsam fir but most likely a spruce. Merry Christmas!

    Nancy November 26, 2017 at 8:50 pm Reply

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