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After finding and configuring a new subscriber service, importing all of you into it and configuring it or days, the first live test was a dismal failure. I don’t know which of you got an email and who didn’t, but Ray didn’t. The server balked at having to do some extra work. I’ve gone back to the old-fashioned but reliable Google Feedburner. Turns out I can change my email address there, but I suspect there will be some weird ramifications. So, this is test number 2 going back. I sincerely hope you get a notice of this blog post.

Original Post

I apologize to my Trail Lady subscribers in advance, but you have been used as guinea pigs this morning. I am mourning the end of an era, what may be the final retirement of my old email address The email subscription service I have used for this blog for a decade, Google Feedburner, is tied to that email address, and the only way to change it is to rebuild it. I have decided to try out a new subscription service instead.

I’ve been testing this service for a few days now but that doesn’t mean I’ve got it right. Hopefully no one gets annoyed when they get this less than entertaining blog post in their email. Hopefully you all get it. Hopefully it looks reasonable. Almost for sure I’ll have more work to do.

End of an era

For those that don’t know my back story, the domain comes from the company I started in 1997, Granite Internet Services. I started as a dial-up Internet Provider and progressed over the years to serving high-speed wireless Internet from seven different towers in eastern Manitoba. I sold that company in 2011 and moved to having a smaller role in a larger company, NetSet Communications. On the eve of my trip to Nepal in 2014 I sold my last interest in NetSet. I literally sat in my lawyers office signing papers with my backpack at my feet, forcing a slightly better deal because of my upcoming inaccessibility.

I purchased the domain The Trail Lady as a dream in 2008, the dream of traveling the world and writing about it and not having to worry about the workings of the Internet ever again. It’s 2019, and here I am worried about my subscribers getting an email this morning. Still living the dream.

Winter in Victoria
Exploring Mount Washington

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