Santiago to Negreira

Back on the Camino again! Ray and I are now on the ancient trail to Finisterre,the end of the Pagan World and the most westerly point in Europe.

It’s Easter weekend,of course,so we have some company. The prices have changed just a tad around here as well,as a private alburgue we checked out wanted 17 euro for a dorm bed. I don’t think so! There is a municipal alburgue here as well but I am so tired of paper sheets. No,I really think Ray deserves a hotel room,with a bath tub and all.

We had the most pleasant 23 or so km walk so far. Ray’s knee was giving him problems over the past couple of weeks but we found a good tensor bandage at the Farmscia here (they make a lot of money from us pilgrims) and he was great today.

We have about 60 or 70 kms to Finisterre and lots of time to get there. I can’t wait to soak my poor blistered feet in that salt water,and then consume a little seafood. Bit more walking before that though.

So,when I watched the movie The Way,and they ended up walking this extra bit I thought “yeah right”but more than half of the people I walked from France with are actually continuing on. Many of them scoffed at the possibility along The Way,including me many times –but here we are. It just seems like the thing to do. It’s also very cool to have Ray with me now.

Finisterre - The End

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