Writer’s Block!

Or maybe I should call it pure intimidation. I’ve started school this week – a creative writing course at the University of Winnipeg. It’s a second year English class, and please don’t tell my prof but this is my first ever post-secondary English course ever. Hopefully he’s too busy to read student blogs.

My classmates are mostly English majors and a few education students. It’s a small, intimate group, so I’m sure to be revealed as an imposter. First thing we all introduced ourselves and had to uncover our biggest writing problem. Just one? We didn’t have all night. We had a few short writing assignments and I experienced complete writer’s block.

Of course, fear and intimidation are no stranger to me and may actually fuel me. Climbing mountains in Nepal is not that different than this. What I’m about to do here takes more courage than you can imagine. Creative writing is not a blog post. I have to write fiction, and poetry! And I’m going to post my work here, for your comedic entertainment. I can understand that I may lose subscribers – these will not be travel stories or adventure posts, necessarily.

If you feel like leaving comments, go for it. My teacher has told me writing is 80% rejection and failure, so I’m ready for you. Here it goes, with no more fanfare, my first ever poem, not completely fiction.

The Camino

It began with a dream to walk the Camino
Spanish lessons, training hikes, packing sessions
Adios home
Hola Spain

And then I walk
And walk
And walk

until my feet bleed
until I cry
until I laugh
until I’m drunk from joy and cheap wine

 And I do not stop until
God is revealed

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3 Responses to Writer’s Block!

  1. Well Donna hugs to you as I couldn’t even begin to think that I could write poetry. I will be very interested to continue to follow your blog. Who knew that I would have to write so much over the years. Here is my poem to my mother when I was a little girl – keeping in mind this was totally innocent and I have made a lasting impression to my family and friends “Roses are red violets are blue! Easter is coming and so are YOU!” 🙂

    Nancy September 13, 2017 at 12:36 pm Reply
  2. I doubt if any of your fellow students has practised the art of writing as much as you have with your volumes of blogs! Now you are embracing new challenges in writing fiction and poetry — bravo! It is indeed courageous of you. I wouldn’t think of unsubscribing and look forward to more samples of your work.


    Colleen French September 13, 2017 at 5:00 pm Reply

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