Pinawa Home for Sale


The old Pinawa homestead will be heading onto the market soon. This blog post is really just a courtesy for all those people that have told us to “let them know if we ever want to sell.” Now is your chance.

19 Alexander is an interesting home, with a colourful history.  Sixty year olds in town may recall the place was Pinawa’s first teen centre. One or two of you may even have your initials carved in the basement beams. Luckily, the house does not divulge it’s secrets. About thirty years ago a major renovation added a double attached garage to the home with a beautiful great room over the top of it, converting the two-story into a side split.

From the street the house is unremarkable. One must come inside, and into the back yard. The kitchen with island runs along the back of the home and opens directly onto the deck and patio of the back yard. Raised (irrigated) garden beds provide tons of fresh vegetables. The 22 X 22 foot party room, complete with a wood burning fireplace and pool table, offers access to the upper deck and gazebo. Relax in the backyard hot tub while admiring the flower gardens built into the granite outcrop. I built those gardens myself and have been tending them for 28 years!

The trail behind the house leads to the canoe docks, and an excellent quiet bay for swimming and floating. We are only 2 blocks from the pool and golf course. The yard is fully fenced to keep the deer out and any sized dog in (we own an escape artist).

If you’ve ever thought this house should be your home or cottage, now is the time to let me know. We will be giving the place up to the realtors within a week or two.

Telephone: 204-345-5267


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