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Real Treasure on the Pinawa Trail

Has anyone been out treasure hunting yet? Don’t know what I’m talking about? The Great Trail Treasure Hunt, hosted by Canadian Geographic and the Trans Canada Trail Association has started. I had a look at the clues and I don’t think I’m letting anything go when I say I think there’s one in Pinawa!  It’s worth the look, the treasure might be MEC gear, there’s a Nikon camera, Keen footwear or a GPS available. More than one person may even find treasure in the same spot, so don’t worry if you already see a winner, or even winners here.

Start your hunt today – find the start of the game here:

Below is a little background information on the event I managed to dig up.

WHAT IS THE GREAT TRAIL (also known as Trans Canada Trail)?

  • The Great Trail is the world’s longest network of recreational multi-use trails.
  • The Great Trail began as a bold dream in 1992, when the Trans Canada Trail (TCT), a non-profit organization began its work to create a long-distance trail across Canada.
  • Since then, TCT has worked tirelessly with dedicated volunteers and Trail groups, generous donors and all levels of government to enhance and improve the Trail for generations to come.
  • The Great Trail was connected across Canada on August 26, 2017.
  • Some interesting statistics about The Great Trail:
    • There are over 400 Trail sections across Canada just waiting to be explored on both land and water, from coast to coast to coast.
    • 80% of Canadians are within 30 minutes of a Trail section. Every province and territory is home to its own stretch of The Great Trail, which is owned and operated at the local level.
    • Many Canadians have heard of The Great Trail, but may not know that it connects over 15,000 communities across the country!



To celebrate the first anniversary of the Trail’s connection, Trans Canada Trail (TCT) is joining forces with the Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS) to hold The Great Trail Treasure Hunt.

  • In every province and territory across the 24,000-kilometre length of the Trail, there are 100 treasure boxes waiting to be discovered by Trail adventurers.
  • Prizes include Nikon Canada camera, KEEN Footwear , a SPOT GPS device, MEC gift cards, Canadian Geographic subscriptions, Parks Canada passes and many others.
  • Clues will be revealed over the next five weeks on Canadian Geographic Travel at
  • While there will be one instant prize in every treasure box, we encourage everyone to continue looking for boxes where they will find instructions on how to participate in weekly draws and the final grand prize draw
  • Stay up-to-date on RCGS and TCT social media platforms.
  • Final clues will be revealed by September 30th, but participants will have the opportunity to continue the treasure hunt until October 31.
  • The national grand prize winner will be announced on November 1st.
  • Trans Canada Trail is the corporate name of the not-for-profit organization that supports the development of The Great Trail.
  • The Great Trail is the physical network of recreational multi-use trails across Canada


  • As the connection of the Trail grew closer and closer in 2017, TCT wished to refresh and rejuvenate the Trail with a new brand that was youthful and aspirational.
  • The name ‘The Great Trail’ not only defines what the Trail is, but also conveys what it can be, with the support of donors and volunteers across Canada.
  • The Government of Canada has committed $30 million along with the ongoing generosity of thousands of donors to support the Trail’s maintenance development.
  • Moving forward, TCT’s mission will be to continue to enhance and improve the Trail. This plan involves:
    • Developing new sections of Trail so that Canadians and international visitors can experience even more of our country’s breathtaking diversity
    • Improving the Trail by adding amenities such as benches, restrooms, guidewires and docks that will make it more accessible for seniors and people with physical disabilities
    • Converting roadways into greenways, where possible, for a better cycling, walking and hiking experience
    • Funding emergency repairs to the Trail when damaged by floods, fires, storms and other natural disasters


  • For any questions that cannot be answered with the information above, please ask media to contact TCT’s head office at


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