Peaceful Christmas

Christmas is always wonderful in the Warenko home,but this year just feels extra peaceful. Both boys are home for the week and I am totally enjoying their visit in spite (or because) of all the friends that come with them. This is the first time in 15 years that I am not worrying about a network. There was never any staff around at Christmas so I always worried extra.
Dinner was different this year,too. We usually host the entire family here on Christmas Eve,but that didn’t work out this year. We weren’t looking forward to driving into the city 2 nights in a row for dinners but they turned out to be wonderful family visits that I did no work for. We were only 4 for our dinner so we invited the neighbor over.
With all of this said,though –it could just be my new Christmas present that’s making this year so awesome. I don’t know how I survived the last 52 years without apps. I am currently writing this blog on my WordPress app. I played angry birds for the first time and have songified everyone in the family,at least twice. What’s that song? Shazam! Spanish translators? Two of them. Skyping Ray like we’re in a Star Trek episode. I am loving my new iPod touch. So,when I do head to Spain,expect some blogging,as I now have the tools and will just have to hunt out some WiFi.
Merry Christmas everyone –here’s hoping yours was as peaceful as mine.

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